How to Make Homemade Dishwasher Soap

Dishwasher Soap

You can find a bunch of different recipes for making homemade dishwasher soap online, but not all of them work equally well. Thankfully for you we have done all the hard work and tested all the recipes we could get our hands on. After a grueling elimination process we finally settled on the one we thought was best. By best we mean that it is the most inexpensive, most powerful cleaner and most simplest detergent to make.

The recipe calls for:

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Recommended order of operations:

  1. Gather your ingredients and container
  2. Add the cup of Borax first
  3. Add the cup of washing soda
  4. Add the five packets of lemonade powder, or the half cup of citric acid
  5. Add the half cup of kosher salt
  6. Put the lid on and shake the container well
  7. Start cleaning with one tablespoon
  8. Optional: Add white vinegar or lemon juice to “Rinse” compartment

After mixing the ingredients together, put them in a sealed container. We prefer storing them in something that we were going to throw away already, like a large jar or old Tupperware.

One tablespoon for each cycle should do the trick but don’t be afraid to use two tablespoons worth for the abnormally dirty dishes. Assuming you use 1 tbs per load, you should have enough for just over 40 cycles with this recipe.

Again, white vinegar makes a great rinsing agent (as does lemon juice).

Avoiding Clumping

Because of the citric acid, the formula may begin to clump. You can take a few precautionary measures to prevent too much of this.

- Add a dash (about a teaspoon) of rice to help suck in and absorb and type of moisture.

- Stir the formula every day, or after every use.

- Don’t use citric acid when initially creating the mix. Instead, add half a teaspoon of citric acid to each load.

If you do everything correctly you’ll be on your way to using a higher quality and less expensive dish washing soap!

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